A partnership to jumpstart the launch of early-stage startups with access to world-class discovery platform.

In an effort to further grow the flow of innovation centered in the Basel Area, WuXi AppTec and BaseLaunch have joined forces to help young biopharmaceutical enterprises overcome some of the toughest hurdles in bringing novel therapeutics to market.

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DELFinder helps Janssen R&D team publish DEL-related article in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

Recently, DELFinder——a DEL-related online database has helped Wolkenberg's team from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc to complete a search of DEL-related publications,  and the result was successfully published in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

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WuXi AppTec HitS launches the DEL Laboratory in Munich, Germany

WuXi AppTec HitS unit today announced the opening of its DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Laboratory in Munich, Germany. This new lab will facilitate the European clients to get access to DEL technology and related research, accelerating the timeline for hit discovery and drug development.

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WuXi AppTec Teams Up With Danish BioInnovation Institute

WuXi AppTec and BioInnovation Institute (BII) have entered into a partnership agreement to help early-stage life science and biotech start-ups advance their research and translate ideas into innovative healthcare products.

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Organic Letters: WuXi AppTec Developed Novel Photoredox-Mediated Decarboxylative Coupling between α‑Amino Acids and DNA-Conjugated Carbonyls

DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology is a powerful and valuable tool commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry for the identification of compounds with affinity to biomolecular targets. Success in this endeavor lies in sampling diverse chemical libraries. However, current DNA-encoded library technology tend to be deficient in C(sp3) carbon counts.

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Bioconjugate Chemistry: WuXi AppTec Developed Novel DNA-Compatible Copper-mediated Oxidative Amidation Reaction, in Collaboration with AbbVie

DNA-encoded library technology allows for the rapid synthesis of large chemical libraries of millions to billions of compounds. The billions of distinct library members of a DEL can then be screened to find novel chemical matter that binds to specific proteins. The structural information of the enriched molecules can then be analyzed according to the sequences of the linked DNA tags.

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Organic Letters: WuXi AppTec Developed Novel DNA-Compatible One-Pot Click Reactions

The classic click reaction is the copper-catalysed reaction of an azide with an alkyne to form a 5-membered heteroatom ring.

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iScience: WuXi AppTec Together With Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM) Developed Novel DNA-Compatible Pictet-Spengler Reaction Aided By Machine Learning Building Block Filtering

DNA-encoded library (DEL) is successful for hit identification and widely used in drug discovery.Machine learning is particularly valuable and promising towards DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology as its ability in building blocking selection.

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The revamped DELFinder 2.0 is now online! No Login Required! More efficient searchMore comprehensive information!

DELFinder: An Efficient Academic Search Engine Dedicated to the DNA-Encoded Library Literature!

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Organic Letters: WuXi AppTec Developed Novel DNA Compatible Intermolecular Wittig Olefination

DNA-encoded chemical library (DECL) technology allows the rapid construction of large chemical libraries of typically millions to billions of compounds. 

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WuXi AppTec Developed Novel Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Strategy for DEL Synthesis

DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) have become a significant tool for the hit identification in drug discovery. DEL technology allows the rapid construction of large chemical libraries of typically millions to billions of compounds...

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Customer Communication: WuXi AppTec, Research Service Division(RSD)China Sites Resume Operations after Extended Lunar New Year Holiday

With the end of the extended Lunar New Year Holiday, WuXi AppTec, Research Service Division(RSD)sites in China have resumed operations today, with the exception of our site in Wuhan, which will reopen when local regulations permit.   

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DELFinder, A Powerful Tool For Tracking DEL Technology Available Online!

On January 3, 2020, DELopen launched DELFinder, a DEL specific academic search engine designed to assist global drug researchers with locating relevant literature about DEL technology

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WuXi AppTec Research Service Division and BioSolveIT Introduce GalaXi®, a Vast New Chemical Space of Tangible Molecules

SHANGHAI, CHINA; CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA; SANKT AUGUSTIN, GERMANY Oct 10, 2019 - WuXi AppTec Research Service Division and BioSolveIT today launched a ...

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